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It doesn't take 1,000s of dollars to start, Brands don't HATE Amazon sellers, and any time invested can be just as equally (if not more) than justifiable. 

You're taking out the middle men, dealing direct with Brands, and  With proven training and strategies to help you successfully navigate common obstacles, you have the opportunity to open up Wholesale accounts and forget about brand restrictions as an authorized seller.

So let's take a look at how we can help you easily open up Wholesale accounts in your favorite categories and source top-quality products. 

Sourcing Wholesale Just Got Easier!
Get the top selling brands in Your Favorite Categories
WITH Wholesale Contact information
Get Its' TOP-SELLING Brands and Products!
EVERYTHING You Need To Get Into Wholesale With Ease
NO Duplicate Brands between Lists!

Effective Wholesale Sourcing Starts Here

Wholesale Research - Done For You

The wholesale list is awesome opening accounts left and right!       -Tony F.

Professional, Quality Sourcing

With Our Directories You Can Expect To Get Nothing But The BEST Wholesale Sourcing Opportunities. Our Professional, Designated Wholesale Team Researches Thousands Of Brands To Bring You The Most Profitable, High-Quality Leads Available. 

With proven training and strategies to help you successfully navigate common obstacles, you have the opportunity to open up Wholesale accounts and forget about brand restrictions!

We Start with OVER 50,000 Items in each category and Research, Call Write and discover the Brand contact information FOR you!  

Noted for each Brand, is how or who to contact to apply, links and any other information we find ahead of time to equip you with all of the steps you can/need take to contact and open accounts.

Below are just SOME of the epic stats for our lists! Take Out The "Middle-Men" and Maximize Your Profits. Sell Products Consumers ARE LOOKING FOR and WANT
HOME List #1 Get Access To 14,089 Products That Are Recent Top Sellers With Wholesale Contact Information Making Up OVER 10% Of The Top 100,000 Items In The Category And Almost 600 Brands
HOME List #2 Get Over 6,400 Products That Are Recent Top Sellers And 99 Brands!!
HOME List #3 Access 140 Of The Top Brands and 7,847 Products!
HOME List #4 Access 143 Of The Top Brands and over 7,800 Products!
TOYS List #2  Get access to over 8,000 toys listings making up over 8% of the top 100k items in toys and over 150+ brands! 
TOYS List # 3 Get Access To 3,920 Products That Are Recent Top Sellers With 87 Brands Making Up Nearly 4% Of The Top 100,000 Items In The TOYS Category!
TOYS List # 4 106 Wholesale Brands With Contact Info
1,856 Recently Sold Products With 1010 Items Under 100k Rank
GROCERY List #1  Get access to nearly 13,000 Grocery listings and 220+ brands!
GROCERY List #2  Get access to Over 3,000 Grocery listings and 145 brands!
Grocery List #3 Get 109 Wholesale Brands and over 2,800 Products To Source 
BABY List #1 Get access to Almost 5,000 baby listings and 66 Of The TOP Baby brands! 
BABY List #2 Get access to 152 New Brands And Over 9k Products 
BABY List #3 Get access to 50 New Brands And Over 1800 Not Sold By Amazon!
BEAUTY List #1 Get Over 2,500 Products That Are Recent Top Sellers and 75 Brands that make up nearly 3% of the top 100,000 items
Coffee List #1 Get 148 Wholesale Brands and 1,214 Products To Source That Amazon Is Not On The Listing
Patio Lawn & Garden List #1 Get 124 Wholesale Brands and
10,052 Recently Sold Products With 6,879 Items Under 100k Rank
Pet List #1 Get 118 Wholesale Brands and over 15k Recently Sold Products With over 10k of those Items Under 100k Rank
Pet List #2 Get 91 Wholesale Brands and over  5300 Products
Tools List #1 Get 100 New Brands And Over 6300 Products
Q4 2022 List #1 Get 60 Brands Across Multiple Categories and 1500 recently Sold Products.
Walmart List #1 Get 343 Walmart Brands and 10k bonus items to sell on
Walmart List #2 Get 145 Walmart Brands and 1,481 bonus items to sell on
Walmart List #3 Get 119 Walmart Brands and 10k bonus items to sell on
  • The ASIN: To quickly locate the item on Amazon
  • UPC
  •  VIDEO: Training on combatting rejection
  • KEEPA LINK: Epic for historical data referencing 
  • ​BRAND
  • ​COMMENTS (may incl. all or some of the following examples) ON HOW TO APPLY or WHO TO CONTACT, WHAT STEPS NEED TO BE TAKEN, ETC.
See The Top Selling Products
Not only do we give you the top brands in each category, but also their top products for you to review and source!
Contact the Brands directly!
Alleviate Stress, Stop Wasting Time. Contact Info and Directions Given for EVERY Brand.
Take Back Your Time
Spend More Time With Your Family Or Doing What You Love Instead of Digging For Info
Proven Templates
Get our proven templates to cut and paste to open accounts with ease!
Navigating The Obstacles Of Wholesale.
Open Wholesale Accounts With Brands That Are Proven To Sell!
Effortlessly Find Only The Brands And Listings That Actually Sell On Amazon!
With Wholesale Accounts You Are Building Your Inventory With Replenishable Products All Year Long!
Every Piece Of Information On How To Contact The Brand Including Forms and Scripts!
  • [TEMPLATE] - Letter Of Introduction As An Amazon seller To Your Wholesale Sources
  • [TEMPLATE]​- Template To Open Account With Manufacturers Or Distributors
  • [SCRIPT] - Cold Calling Script For Any Supplier 
  • [VIDEO TRAINING] - Advanced Training To Use This list And all The Templates To Get Accounts Open!
  • [BONUS LIST] - 6,730 Products that have recently sold in the top 100k distributed under the Mattel Brands
  • [VIDEO TRAINING] Open An Account With Mattel And The 77 Brands They Distribute With A Single Account!
Choose Your Lists Now For Only $197 $20 Each!

For only $197  $20 each you will have full access to 
1,000s of top-selling products with contact information for each Brand!

 PLUS: Access all Templates and scripts with unlimited access! 
This is a limited time offer that ends when the countdown runs out!

Act fast to start effectively sourcing Wholesale! 
Submit your information below to Get Your Lists 
for only $197$20 EACH!

Select Your Choice of Any of The Following Directories:
  • HOME List #1 - 14,089 Products  And Almost 600 Brands!
  • HOME List #2 - Over 6,400 Products And 99 Brands!!
  • TOYS List #2 - Over 8,000 Toys And Over 150+ Brands! 
  • ​TOYS List # 3 - 3,920 Products With 87 Brands 
  • ​​TOYS List # 4 - 106 Wholesale Brands With 1010 Items Under 100k Rank
  • ​GROCERY List #1 - Nearly 13,000 Grocery Listings And 220+ Brands!
  • Grocery List #2 - Get 145 Wholesale Brands And Over 2,154 Items Under 100k Rank To Source 
  • ​​Grocery List #3 - Get 109 Wholesale Brands And Over 2,800 Products To Source 
  • ​BEAUTY List #1 - Over 2,500 Products And 75 Brands 
  • ​BABY List #1 - Almost 5,000 Baby Listings And 66 Brands! 
  • ​​BABY List #2 - 152 Wholesale Brands and 9k products
  • BABY List #3 - 50 Brands and Over 1800 Products Not Sold By AZ
  • ​Coffee List #1 - 148 Wholesale Brands And 1,214 Products To Source That Amazon Is Not On The Listing
  • Home List #3 - Get 140 Wholesale Brands And Over 7,500 Products To Source 
  • Patio Lawn & Garden #1 - Get 124 Wholesale Brands With Contact Info and Over 10k Products to Source
  • ​​Pets #1 - 118 Wholesale Brands And Over 15k Recently Sold Products With Over 10k Of Those Items Under 100k Rank
  • Pet List #2 Get 91 Wholesale Brands And Over 5300 Products 
  • ​Tools List #1 Get 100 New Brands And Over 6300 Products
  • ​Q4 2022 List #1 - 60 Brands Across Multiple Categories
  • Walmart List #1 Get 343 Walmart Brands 
  • Walmart List #2 Get 145 Walmart Brands 
  • Walmart List #3 Get 119 Walmart Brands 
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