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The Sourcing List You Have Been Waiting For!
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Our leads list sell out FAST, so if you missed out on any openings or just want more, profitable leads to source 
This is projected to be the biggest year for online sales and sellers! Is your inventory ready for it?! This is your chance to get help!

Did You Miss Out Last Time?

Our leads list sell out FAST, so if you missed out on the others openings or just want more, profitable leads to source
ONLY 50 Users Gain Access! 

This is your opportunity to get quality leads sourced for you in one of Amazon's HOTTEST categories!
Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Exhausting Your Time and Energy Scrambling To Find Profitable Products To Source? 
Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 



You get 10 NEW Leads EVERYDAY M-F:
You Get High Quality, Professional Leads Sourced For You - Relieving The Stress of Sourcing and Taking Back Your Time 
You See The Types Of Items Our Very Own Team Sources To Give You Ideas On What To Source In The Future
Watch the exclusive training provided to you mastering reverse sourcing and getting ungated.
With Your Newly Mastered Techniques, Use Your List To Source Even More Profitable Products On Your Own - Forever
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Each subscription has it's own criteria ranging from a minimum of 30%-50% ROI. All lists leads are Under 100,000 Rank and include EVERY Piece Of Information You Need To Allow For A Quick Analysis!

The Nitty Gritty Goodness

10 Daily Leads (m-f)

Sourced Fresh Every Night

Lists Vary- Min. ROI 30 - 50%

Details on ROI under each list
Under 100k Rank

Over 1,900 Restricted Brands Filtered Out

Across Multiple Categories

Vetted Quality

Leads Verified on Multiple Accounts

Quick, Effective Analysis

All Data Included For Each Lead

Each List Ranges From $49-$69 Per Month.

The RA List is not available right now.

Over-Saturation Risk = 0%

Limited To Only 50 Users At All Times

Affordable Sourcing

Available Leads Lists

1 Spots Open
50% Min. ROI
$69 Per Month
(All categories MINUS toys**)

2 Spots Open
50% Min. ROI
$69 Per Month
(All categories MINUS toys**)

2 Spots Open
30% Min. ROI
$49 Per Month

3 Spots Open
Min. ROI 40%
$59 Per Month

Min. ROI 50%
$69 Per Month

You'd Never Guess... But There's More To A Sourcing List Than Meets The Eye!
One of the biggest mistakes we see sellers make time and time again with sourcing lists, is their dependency on them. Not only do we provide the highest quality leads, but provide you the tools to teach you how to go beyond your sourcing lists and maximize your use of them. When you really LEARN how to properly use your sourcing lists and create a process out of them to use over and over again ON YOUR OWN, the value of your lists become priceless!
Here's how it works...
Our Sourcing Leads Lists Provide Nothing But The BEST Sourcing Opportunities, Including Data, available. Our Professional, Designated Sourcing Team Researches Thousands Of Products and Brands To Bring You The Most Profitable, High-Quality Leads Available...

Relieve yourself from the tedious and frustrating task of sourcing and allow quality leads sourced for you . 
Secure Your Spot Now
Secure Your Spot Now and Have Our Designated Team Behind You The Whole Way!
Your leads lists built my inventory, which I then signed up for the daily leads and it built my business! Now, I'm full swing into Wholesale just from learning what to really do with sourcing lists. Thank Shawn and Team!
T. Calhoun - Atlanta, GA

You guys are the best. Your leads gave me so much more than I even would have thought and now do I not only have the great leads your team sourced for me, but I learned so much in the process. I have found so many new products using your lists and reverse sourcing techniques and it really has changed the way I look at sourcing and how much time I have to spend doing it... Thank you guys

Sandra Rae K. - Boise, ID
Here's what you're getting...
  • 10 NEW Leads Everyday M-F (The Retail List Is IN-STORE Sourcing ONLY not OA)
  • ​The ASIN: To quickly locate the item on Amazon
  • ​LINK: A direct link to where the lead can be purchased
  • ​INVESTMENT: Investment cost
  • ​​PRODUCT DETAIL: The items category & rank in that category
  • ​ROI: Your net profit and return on investment
  • ​VIDEO: Training on using these lists and the ungating process!
  • ​​Reverse Sourcing Training: Video training by Shawn on mastering reverse sourcing and maximizing your leads using them to find even more profitable products
  • ​​IN DEPTH ANALYTICAL DATA: The most fulfilled data available - From EACH products history, to projected monthly rank averages, ROI AFTER fees & MORE!
  • ​​SUPPORT: Specialized Support Team Dedicated To Assessing Your Needs For Success With your Leads
With That Type of Data, Making Educated Buying Decisions Has Never Been Easier!
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)
See If Your List Is Open NOW

Is This List For Beginner Sellers?
Our  Leads Lists are for sellers of all experience levels. If you are a beginner seller this is a great opportunity to take advantage of quality leads to source and build your inventory with. Learn the right products to look for and how to find more. I only wish I had opportunities like this when I started.

Is This List For Advanced Sellers?
Again, Our Leads Lists is for sellers of all experience levels. If you are a vetted seller this is a great opportunity to start focusing your time on your business growth while delegating your sourcing to someone else. We have invested the time and money into this, so you don't have to.

Are There Restricted Brands?
Most of the items on our list are not restricted. However, in the instance there is a lead under a restricted brand, we filter them out to Brands we know that automatically approve. We also put this in the notes section on the leads sheet so that you know if the lead is under an auto-approving Brand you need to apply to or not (Oh... and we also provide training on what you need to do to get automatically ungated).

What About Over-saturation With 50 Users?
Of course this question gets asked, but this isn't a one-time get rich quick type thing. This is a list providing profitable leadsto sell, whether now or later. This is showing you more than just the leads on this list, but the TYPES of products we look for, the Brands to open accounts with, and more. It's up to you what you want to do with them and when, but this is a list to give you profitable leads to source now and later. 

Will This List Make Me a 6 Figure, Rich Human?
Sure. Maybe someday. But there is NO GET RICH QUICK way to build your Amazon business. This is a list of quality leads to source, so you don't have to... So you can see and learn the types of products to buy and how to do so on your own moving forward. When you master the techniques yourself you become the master of the future of your business. This is like hiring a VA and acquiring the skills you need to move forward.

a simplified, professional way of sourcing
We apologize, but the X Pro OA List Has Sold Out In Under 12 Hours
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We Take Our Products Seriously
Time and time again, sellers have been asking us to create a new Daily Leads Subscription since our others rarely have openings. Now we have.

Our Professional, Designated Sourcing Team Researches Thousands Of Leads and Brands To Bring You The Most Profitable, High-Quality Leads Available

Your success is our success and our team is here to ensure that. The beauty of building your own business and being your own boss is nothing short of blissful, financial freedom. Spend more time doing what you love and we are here to support you 100% of the way. 

You can always contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.
Due to the high risk of fraud we have implemented a strict refund policy. 
Customers are given access immediately to digital content, therefore no refunds are issued once the product is received. We thank you for your understanding.
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RECAP - Available Leads Lists

1 Spots Open
50% Min. ROI
$69 Per Month
(All categories MINUS toys**)

3 Spots Open
Min. ROI 40%
$59 Per Month

2 Spots Open50% Min. ROI
$69 Per Month
(All categories MINUS toys**)

2 Spots Open
30% Min. ROI
$49 Per Month

40% Min. ROI
$69 Per Month

Please make sure to check the availability of your list above before purchasing. 

Also note, OA list 1 and 2 do NOT contain leads in the toys category

$69 Per Month
$69 Per Month
$49 Per Month
$69/Per Month
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